Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art Giveaway Reminder!

October is upon us, which means registration for my
Art Giveaway Begins Tomorrow and Lasts All Month!

You can win this Giclee Print on Canvas just by posting a comment on my Blog.

Learn all about the art Giveaway and the Rules at

* Remember . . . Only post a comment on a 'New Post', because if you post a comment on an a post that is older than one day I might miss your post.

Good Luck and Happy Commenting!
Peace & Love, Melanie

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TomboCheck said...

DANG you tease! So we have to wait until your next post to be counted?! Just plain cruel. :P

Melanie Banayat said...

Big Cheesy Smile! :D

Like Tom Hanks said in the movie, You've Got Mail, "It's not personal, It's business." LOL!

Just keepin' you on your toes, Tom.

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